Tour the best of Viñales in a few hours - 1 Day

This is a tour prepared to gather the best Viñales would offers to the visitor, in a 3-4 hours trip. The finest of Viñales only for your delight: mogotes, the most singular geological forms (only compared with two more places of the world: China and Malaca peninsula), beautiful caves, rivers, vegetal species and exclusive animals, impressive views… and so much more.

This tour not only includes touristic places, also you may see nearly unknown places, different of classic touristic routes.

  • The travel begins in Cueva del Indio, with two options: an initial walk and a ride in a boat through the cave. You would have the chance of admiring a beautiful landscape.
  • Later it will be a visit to el despalillo (it´s tobacco´s middle stage, when its been prepared leaving out tobacco´s farmhouse –vega- and its arrival to tobacco´s industry. A process that it´s shortly known. An interesting fact: this process it´s made only by women).
  • Rapidly we will go to El Jardin de Caridad, a beautiful private garden, cultivated for two local sisters that currently are a legend in the area. Here it´s located an amazing display of region´s flora.
  • After we will visit a traditional tobacco´s farmhouse, where you will be able to smoke a fragrant cigarette (made by the own hands of local farmers). The interaction with these honest, simple, warm and hospitable people would convince you that Viñales it´s a magical place.
  • To sum up, you could take with you the finest views of Viñales from two viewers: Los Jazmines´viewer and ecological farm.

Tour Include

  • Specialist guidance
  • Paid entrance to all places
  • Lunch
  • Cuban coffee tasting
  • Cigarettes tasting
  • 30 cuc: regular car – 3 passengers
  • 40 cuc: regular car – 4 to 7 passengers
  • 60 cuc: regular car – up to 7 passengers
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

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Tour the best of Viñales in a few hours