The purest nature of Viñales’s Valley. Private Tour - 1 Day

Vinales valley

We present you this special tour, a travel who focus in the purest nature of Viñales’ Valley. Searching and hiking, flora and fauna, mountains and pure air, ancestral traditions, it’s what you will find in this tour.

  • The travel starts leaving Viñales’ village in a car. We move forward to a little valley placed to a 6km from downtown. There we will take a walk between two valleys, and we’ll talk with some farmers from the area. That place has a great diversity, the ground it’s convenient for all kinds of planting. We’ll know about different and traditional work’s methods and countryman’s lifestyle. Also we will visit a typical tobacco’s farmhouse, where we’ll discover the best keeping secrets. Those who makes Cuban’s tobacco: worldwide known.
  • Shortly will proceed to intern in small forest’s trails. Then will climb hills and mountains as well. The fruitful vegetation offers shade almost all the path, however we’ll show to various natural viewers, observing cleared sky. Being amazed by the majestic view of the entire area which it will be ready to be immortalized in marvelous pictures, searching for the wide ocean. Endemic’s flora and fauna will join us during all trip and there’s a considerable amount of species who are truly rare in other places of the world.
  • At the time we will proceed to return, customer’s preference it’s going to have top priority. It means that you would have the chance to choose easier routes and roads. Although nothing is impossible when it comes to adventure. Is not necessary to have special training as climber, just a good mood and love for nature. The way down ends in a fragrant grapefruit’s plantation.
  • We say goodbye to this magical place walking through another valley, surrounded by outstanding mogotes, tobacco’s fields and rice’s plantation.
  • Finally we drive back to Viñales.

Tour Includes

  • An specialist tour-guide
  • Tobacco's tasting
  • Lunch
  • 20 cuc: regular car – 3 passengers
  • 30 cuc: regular car – 4 to 7 passengers
  • 40 cuc: regular car – more than 7 passengers

Transportation is only from Vinales

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

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The purest nature of Viñales’s Valley. Private Tour