Horse Tour Valle del Palmarito - 1 Day

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Horse Tour Valle del Palmarito would make us believe we are on filming set next to Steven Spielberg just about of issuing another part of Jurassic Park, or perhaps would make us to reflect about what place this famous director got the inspiration from so as to make so successful movie sequences. A Horse treck Viñales excursion will improve that experience even more.

Valle de Palmarito has an exotic beauty, where in its exotic vegetation, endemic flora and fauna have a weird dance with its red-colored ground with a high iron concentration, pleasing the visitors’ eyes due to the contrasting vivid colors always present all over the Horse tour in Viñales, Palmarito.

It goes without to say that a direct exchange with persons of that place, their culture, and habits is included in the program, knowing bout cultivation varieties in there, cuisine, and having a hand together experience being involved on each and every of their daily activities, at least for that day of excursion at Valle de Palmarito.

A authorized native peasant would be in charge about guiding all the tour in this place, as the best way of being introduced for someone who really knows the environment letting no detail unnoticed.

  • A explanation about the places the visitor is going to visit would be the prelude to this excursion at Valle de Palmarito.
  • Visiting the Mural de la Prehistoria, a amazing fresco painted over one of the walls of the mogote Dos Hermanas, representing the life evolution since a natural perspective.
  • Admiring the native flora and fauna, specifically the exotic birds variety population.
  • Visiting tobacco and coffee’ peasant producers, having all information possible about caring, processing and the final product of these cultivations.
  • Visiting a cave in order to see its natural forms.

Departure time: 9:00 pm
Duration: 4 a 5 hours

Other options to keep in mind.

Will be a choice to have a lunch at peasant’s house. The price won’t be include on this Viñales tour at Valle de Palmarito.
To take a look over all the available Horseback riding in Viñales this program offers, opting for that which really matches with your adventurer interests.

Tour includes

  • To enjoy for free a creole puro cubano
  • Free entrance to all places described formerly
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

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Horse Tour Valle del Palmarito