Excursion in Cuba is a recent created company, which its essential goal it’s to offer a different service, personalized and directed to satisfy the request and needs of all our visitors.

Our staff it’s build with professionals who possessed a wide culture, general knowledge, domain of foreign languages, with a deep region’s cognizance. A profound love for nature, its flora and fauna, and they’re willing to give the best of them so that your vacation ends, our visitors have exceptional experiences, collect a great fortune of knowledge and takes with them the best impression of the region and its people. So, definitely they will yearn to come back in a near future.

In our tours, will visit a lot of known places and others not so well-known or that visited.

Different tours, different places, exclusives guidance, fast and safe transportation, lodging in private houses, the finest with top hosts. This unique opportunity you will only have it when you make contact with our work crew, who truly would solve all your troubles and concerns.

More than work relationships, you will have the sensation of meeting new friends who help you out to discover Cuba and its people.

Don’t miss the chance of getting in touch with us!!!